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Hey! We are B Yellow, here's a little bit about us.

We started out back in 2012, just two friends, Nathan and Adam, at school finding common ground doing what they love - music. We mainly played covers by artists like Amy MacDonald and The Levellers, not the typical music that 15 year olds tend to play, but it's what formed the foundations of where we are today. One of our first big gigs was Basingstoke Live all those years ago and since that day we really picked up momentum and decided that this is what we want to do.

Fast forward a couple of months and we had just written our first EP - titled "Revolution". We had so much fun recording tracks that we had written ourselves and hearing it played back to us for the first time. We kept playing gigs and writing songs; this went on for a while, almost 2 years in fact, but all that time we felt as if something was missing. We had made the decision that it was time to expand, we became what we believe to be proper B Yellow, as it is today.

Bringing on Tim and Corran brought a whole new dynamic to the band, one which was needed; it provided so much more energy, so much more feeling into our material, we knew this is where we wanted to be and this was the road we will travel to build our way up in the music world. As a full band we were invited to many festivals, big gigs and supported some famous artists including 80s number 1 band The Christians. A huge highlight for us so far was having the honour of playing one of our hometown's most iconic venues – The Anvil. For us, playing the Anvil really made us think about how far we have come and since then we have been writing new material more than ever before.

Taking a trip down memory lane, we decided to head all the way up to Brighton to spend a day at a recording studio used (and owned) by The Levellers, the band which inspired us right at the start, what an amazing day that was! It is now 2016 and we are going stronger than ever, we have lots of new material on it's way and hope you enjoy listening to it just as much as we've enjoyed creating it.

Here's to the future, thanks!

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Forkster Review

"B Yellow are a sensational "folk n' roll" sound/band that hail out of Basingstoke, United Kingdom. These exquisite rockers take music elements of folk,celtic, renaissance and rock and cleverly mold it into one convincing music. Your final outcome is an amazing, enlightening & driving acoustic sound that is self-proclaimed "folk n' roll"! Their melodic structure with full, mighty acoustic clout as well as fantastic overall musicianship alongside powerful backbone lyrics had me totally impressed and captivated 'all the way through'. There way on track already and I certainly feel that rocking roads ahead are very possible for these extremely gifted musicians of five, absolutely brilliant talent! They got the potential to really thrill mass music appreciators around the rocking globe in my very highest opinion!" - Forkster