Band bios


Nathan is the man who stands at the front and does things with his mouth and hands. The crowd is always wet when they hear Nathan sing, mainly because its always raining in Britain. He's snapped more G-Strings than the band combined, and has collected more pedals that Dawsons! They say a dog is a man's best friend but Nathan's is his Doctor Who sonic screwdriver; if you see Nathan without his six-stringed friend then something is very wrong... maybe he's sold it for a new waistcoat?


Adam is the greatest keyboard player in B Yellow and also the 5th tallest member of the band! Rumour has it that his hat is actually glued to his head so he cannot take it off but still manages to cut his hair. He'll always be that one person harmonising the words to Happy Birthday. Freaking out at key changes and talking an awful lot are Adam's iconic traits.


With the most life experience and the first to hit 20, Tim knows its not all about being at the front. Never quite happy with his volume the bass seems to get louder and louder as the night goes on. He'll be forever telling you he's sober before putting his fingers to work, but everyone knows that isn't the case. Keep the music coming and the doombar flowing!